Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Are you hearing a flute?" necklace

Goodevening my friends in blogosphere. It is almost a personal arrangement for me, that each day I need to create at least one little thing. This is what I came with today, and I suppose, it is no little. Handmade book paper beads, handsown together, embelished with small glass beads, decoupaged and then sealed with multiple layers of skin fiendly, water-based varnish, create a pendand that is the focal piece of this necklace.

The idea was born when I sat down to make the cylinder beads, from book pages, that were handrolled in different lenghts of adornments. The moment I held them in my hand I knew I had the right paper to decoupage them with. The one with coral buds and roses, as well as small green leaves.

Wooden round black beads worked as lining beads around the pendant and were also varnished in the end, along with the rest of the piece.

Yesterday, I crocheted a red cotton flower to use in my paperpulp-necklace, but istead I used a purple and a light blue one. So today, was this red flower's special day. With lot of love, it was tied around the artistic yarn, that had become this necklace's strands. 

As always, an extension chain at the finishing, makes sure that the necklace will fit all girls around. 

The handmade pendant is a solid piece. After sowing, glued, decoupaged and varnished, book beads, don't move around, they will hang nicely above your chest, instead. Of course, this doesn't mean this pendant is like steel. If you jumb on it, I thing it will loose its shape (but won't break or fall apart!) 

What is more, as all my other paper or paperpulp pieces, this pendant is weatherproof, water-resistant, but not waterproof. That means, if it's raining, there's no problem, but you wouldn't like to have a hot bath while wearing it, would you? I bet you won't. 

It's a good sized pendant and not a small one. The longest bead measures about 11cm, to give you an idea of its size. What do you thing of it? Is there any story popping out from the book pages and reaches your thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!

Love, everyone!


  1. Thank you so much Zoe, your work is lovely too! Keep on, and see u around! :-)