Thursday, January 5, 2012

Needlefelted parrot brooch

January, and  things around us sometmes, can be white or a little bit dull. A sparkle of colour always does it and brights up our spirit! This was my thought when I stareted needlefelting this bright blue and geen birdie.

I love the feeling of felted jewelry, while the weather is cold. And with an artisan glass bead sown down in place, this parrot brooch is not only soft and funky, but a bit of shiny also!

The playfull brooch is about 10 cm. Not a discrete little garnment!

A beed was sown in place for the eye, along with some decorative stitches.

And jere he is, for a touch of spring to come, in the heart of winter!


  1. thank you for visiting my blog!!I found that your jewelry is wonderful!So many and items and so different methods!Amazing!

  2. your creations are so beautiful.....!!!!!