Sunday, January 22, 2012

Passed by to say I'm sad not to be here for a while!

From the moment I created this blog, a hell lot of things keep happening in my life. Among others I'm moving out to a new homie and I also start djing in a new place. (That's my main job, actually!) So, I've been really busy these days and I so miss my arts n crafts sessions, that can't wait to settle down and start all over again!
Moving out is a big trouble! I'm lost in a world of packages and things! I can't help but wondering: Do we really need ALL of this stuff we gather? In my case, just to make it worse, my habbit to see something useful for crafting everywhere and my dedication to upcyclng, brings the result of loads of stash and scraps, that lay right here waiting to become something beautiful! You can imagine my disaster! :-)

Today, I packaged every little thing of my studio, to be sure that I won't be tempted into having a break for crafting. ("No, lady, you can't avoid it, moving out is waiting for you!!")  And then I remembered you! This is a new blog, but for the little time I've spent in here, I can certainly say, that it's one of the best things I do in my free time! Never have my art activities been that intriguing before to me, until I tried to share it with you people!

Love you for that, wherever and whoever you are!

Keep up with everything you do! 

Break is now over and I'm back on my cleaning, gathering, packaging, ewww....

Love, everyone!!


  1. I have done my share of moving during the past three years! It's like feeling happy and frustrated at the same time! I wish everything goes smoothly and that it doesn't take a lot of time until you get back to crafting!

  2. Being a DJ has to be the coolest job.

  3. to blog sou ine iperoxo!!! to agapo!!! enoeitai oti se ekana follow! tha xaro poli an me kaneis kapia stigmi follow back!! perimeno neo post! bravo sou!! filakia!

  4. Πολύ ωραίο το blog σου..Σε ακολουθώ..Αν θες ρίξε μια ματιά και στο δικό μου

  5. Hello everybody and thank you for your passing by and comments! I' most happy to be with you again! Your company is so inciting to great stuff! Happy everything!