Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poetic, mixed media bracelet!

Hello everyone, once again! So, there is a countdown to my etsy shop's opening... A lot of things are going on right now in my life. After all those christmas gifts and holiday creations, my friends finally got me down on this. I'm getting my work in public. With this in mind, tons of creation underline each day to pass. Today I'm sharing with you my last finished project, that is a mixed media bracelet. This bracelet is an adventure about getting opposing materials to a marriage. Soft with hard, delicate with harsh, black and white, a book's story with a wearable art piece.

It was a lot of fun concerning all the mixing. I'd wish I'd taken photos of the procedure, but hadn't. I'm always telling myself to keep a step by step photo journal of my pieces, but usually I'm getting to blown away to remember it. This blog may give me more motivation about this in the future. For now let's talk about it! :-)

First came the handmade wooden and decoupaged disc beads. Cutting, filing, drilling, painting, decoupaging, sealing. Delicious!

So we had the beads and it was time of free thinking. I like my pieces to incorporate different techniques and materials. Just like real life, everything exists, and everything can blend together to create something unique. I made a base bracelet with artistic yarn and my wooden spoiled rounds. Then fine silver wire took its place, swirling, hardenind the bracelet, shining, and giving emphasis to that feminity of curves. 

Finally, more artistic yarn and fibers came to compliment the whole. I kept adding it till I was trully satisfied with the amound of softness around. And that was the true story of this mixed media bracelet, that I'd love to wear, but no! It be kept stored and packed, one of a kind piece, for the girl out there that will love it for her collection! For me the fun is no less. As everytime, the moment of finishing fulfilled me with the same excitement: Dream it and it's possible! 

Love, everyone!

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