Monday, July 29, 2013

The Ballerina Fairy Rabbit!

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I had a beach day trip and several meetings with beloved people, along with studio working and reading some books. Summer is all over, and the mood is bright and romantic! Feeling like this, there came the Ballerina Fairy Rabbit! I hope you like it, cause I can tell you I fell in love with her! :-)

The mini fiber art sculpture, is meant to be a girl's favorite. Needle felted treasure toy or home decor, she sweetens with whimsical touch a fantasy room's corner. Great addition to a girl's room - said the almost 30 year old girl :-)!  She is soft, light and romantic, holding a small pink little heart and wearing a chiffon skirt, closed with art yarn. She spreads the love as a pocket toy, a fairy animal miniature art doll to carry with you.

She loves to dance and feels like partying! 
With her candy white and pink colors, girly mood and love message, it's also a great anniversary gift for her. 

The needle felted ballerina rabbit, is an art animal doll, that measures 9x6 cm. If you need her mate as a wedding cake topper, don't hesitate to ask for a custom order. You can always mail me or find me here! I'd love to experience where your imagination would take me!

That was weekend's work! So, off I go to another studio session right now! Do stay in touch! I'd love to hear from you! Are you a Facebook fan? I am too. Here I meet with other friends, if you want to join us!

Thanks for passing my blog! I wish you a wonderful week!!! :-)


  1. Σκέτη γλύκα!!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

  2. She is so very sweet!!!!! Just adorable! A fantastic work!

  3. The kids I teach would love her!