Monday, July 15, 2013

The Fantasy Owl Pencil Topper

Hi all! Today it's an owl's turn to take her sit on the top of a pencil! With her cheerful colours, she comes to make writing and pencil drawing a happy and playful experience for a kid! Great keep sake for future memories of schooling childhood's moments. What is more, pencils will always stay away from the sweet chewy little kids' mouth from now on. There's a friend on!

The fiber sculpture / pencil topper, apart from being used as a school accessory, can stand on its own, as a small fiber art decoration in a kid's room, or be played as a soft toy. In colours of fuchsia, orange and pink, can make a great gift for a girl or a fantasy loving adult. Measures of 3cm long, 4,5cm high!

The needle felted pencil owl topper, is in stock and ready to ship, and as every other item in my shop, it's one of a kind. it's made out of pure wool and feels totally tender in hand but also to look at.

This colorful fantasy miniature owl, will fit to all pencils without a rubber on their top. Pencil is not included in the package.

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