Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Puppeteer - Needlefelted puppet/ toy/ children/ wall hanging/ home decor

A fantasy puppet playing a puppet!! Needle felted and arranged from merino wool, it's a 50cm puppet in overall length when the mantle for you to play or hang at a wall, is a varnished natural beach wood piece. Great as a toy, or for home decor, for a child's playroom or a fantasy touched- living room. Enjoy!

It also comes in gift wrapping if you ask so!

For any further information feel free to contact me!

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He is taking a rest et my etsy shop 

Waiting for you to tell, how many puppeters are there in total in this piece!

Until then, I'm jumping on my Facebook Page to get the giveaway ready, and am coming right back. 
Stay tuned,and make sure you take part in this very first giveaway if you are from Greece, in the next blog post. Wish you all the luck! See u there!

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