Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Traveler Knight

"Echoes of voices in the high towers, all wounds explained, here all knives bandaged, all empires arrested, all castles unbuilt, here all hearts unbroken.."

He has been walking through the woodlands all night long. With his sword in hand the needle felted traveler Knight is ready to accomplish his mission! What would this be? To enchant a child's play world, as a fantasy art toy, or to decorate a kid's or adult's fairy room corner!

Knowing all forest secrets, he'll guide you through the enchanted and mysterious woodlands! The traveler Knight art doll, is a fiber sculpture that measures 16cm high! In his magic little pouch he carries the spell of eternal dreaminess! Feel comfortable at his side!

**RPG players can always send me their description of their Player Characters, to needle felt a fiber art figure rendered with any special attributes and equipment! I'll be glad to bring your RPG character to life!! 

If you are interested in more soft, art toys and needle felted fairy figures, but also fairy wearables, you can jump here!

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