Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Valley Bracelet

Nature exploring and studio working filled my previous days! The deep shadow under the trees in the valleys is a great place to regain freshness, have a pic nic with beloved ones, and enjoy all the beauty around you while dreaming of projects to come! Bundles of wild flowers are now colouring my home and my studio! Summer is in its best here in Crete, Greece! I'd love to hear how you are doing! Here's what I came up with in my return home..

Time to wear your happy springtime mood, all year long! A very bright colored needle felted, bangle style bracelet, in colours of field green, orange and yellow. Medium sized with elasticity it will fit perfectly around your wrist or even higher on the arm.

Great as nursery jewelry, as it is infant friendly with no hazardous pieces to end in baby's mouth!

Very tender fabric jewelry at touch, it will cheer up every outfit, giving it a fairy, dreamy accent!

To choose color combinations of your own, or for any further information, please convo me and I'll be glad to help!

For more wearable needlefelted fairy art pieces you can jump in the links below:

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Wish you a wonderful day!! :-)



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