Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toadstool Mushroom Bookmark for whimsical Readings!

I've started reading a beautiful book these days, and it was then that I realized that I'm out of bookmarks. While digging in the world of China Mieville, I got the idea of creating a bookmark series for my etsy shop. This is my first one. Needle felted, from top to bottom, it holds colorful secrets.. :-)

There's a 2D toadstool mushroom at the lower edge, that's made in color of forest greens, while a 3D mushroom sits on the top, and pop out of the book, to indicate your reading page, but also jewel your bookshelf, while the book is set aside.

Bookmarks are imagined and handmade as an addition to the other Back to School supplies, and whimsical school and office accessories in my etsy store. However, they also do a great gift for a book lover and fantasy loving adult. Collectors will love them. 

The needle felted toadstool mushroom bookmark is a little piece of library fiber art. It measures 15x4 cm, when the popping out of the book mushroom's height is 3cm. Teresa Leaym was so king as too feature it in her treasury list "School is too cool..." Thank you so much Teresa, I love it! :-)

I do accept custom orders, so if you have a favorite theme or scenery in mind, I'd love to hear what you would come up with, and work along to bring your imagination to life! Here is what comes next to this series. It's a Heart Bookmark! We will catch up with it in a following post!

The book I'm reading is very special! I love its plot, world and characters. Un Lun Dun is a young adult fantasy novel by China Miéville, released in 2007. The title is derived from 'UnLondon,' the name of the alternate realm where the book is set. It also contains illustrations by Miéville. I strongly suggested to fantasy lovers, as a great summer reading! 

Thank you for stopping by my friends, and wish you all a wonderful sunday! :-)
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  1. i love it!!! i adore mushrooms and bookmarks!!!
    nice to find you too!!!
    here is my art page on face book:

  2. Thank you so much Pink Dreamer! Your work is beautiful! I am catching up with it! Wish you an amazing week!! :-)