Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wonderful Worlds - Dreaming Forever!

So I had a little accident my friends, nothing serious but painful enough to keep my away from my studio, as I was stupidly cut and can't make use of my right hand for some days. Some relaxing music is on, wandering around creative pages and catching up with other artist's work is what I do during this beautiful sunny midday.. I hope all the fairy music around, will magically heal every people's wounds!

Here are some illustration works, that I really indulge myself in! Worlds of Fantasy know no limit, so does our traveling along their whimsical paths!

What's about fairy tales' and magic worlds to fall in love with? Everything becomes possible, every single daydreaming can come true, all wishes are treasured and fears are diminished through majestic accomplishments! What an inspirational unraveling of dreams!

Fairies, dwarfs, magicians, goblins, knights and dragons, mythical creatures and whimsical animal critters, magic blossoms and sacred plants, castles, fairy tree houses and habitable mushrooms, enchanted woodlands and unbreakable spells.. Fantasy worlds seduce time and give shelter to eternal youth's dreaming.

Brian Froud is on of my favorite Fantasy artists. I get deeply happy with his work! Do you have any favorite to share? I'd love to hear it!

And one of the greatest movies of all time? Gift yourself with watching "Labyrinth". Froud's to adore scenery, starring David Bowie! Have you already watched this film? It was in the cinemas in 1986, but I find it to be an absolute masterpiece! What do you think? 

If there is but one thing to be taught from fairy tales, it's this! Wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you dream of, remember. Home is where the heart is!!

Here is an enchanted treasury list I made for etsy fellows and I'd like to share with you all! I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for passing by! I'd love to hear how you are doing! I wish you all have a wonderful day! 


  1. Get well soon!!! Perastika!!!!
    Thank you for following me on Facebook :)
    I love your dreamy creations and I love the images you are sharing today! I love fairy tales!!!

  2. Thank you Anouk! It was totally disappointing for a moment, there are so many projects on the go! But it's ok, I can use the break for devouring all lovely art out there! And get in touch with all of you too! That's always a beloved thing to do! I really love your creations too! You are absolutely in a hot summer mood lately! Thanks for sharing the fairy tale with me! <3 Many kisses! Φιλάκια!! :-)

  3. Ουπς! Είσαι ομοιοπαθής με τον Γιάννη: Εδώ και κάποιες μέρες έχει 4 ράμματα στο αριστερό του χέρι!!!
    Περαστικά σου, κορίτσι μου!!!
    Διαφορετική και... παραμυθένια η ανάρτησή σου!!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά-πολλά!!!

  4. Περαστικά και σε σας και γρήγορη ανάρρωση να αναπληρώσουμε τα χαμένα μπάνια! :-)) Με το αριστερό δεν έχω καθόλου ταλέντο, οπότε ας xalar;vsoyme λίγο, σκέφτηκα και το ριξα στα παραμύθια. :-) Φιλιά πολλά Syros2js! :-)