Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fleeting Man

Greetings to all the blogger's company. It's been a while since I met you here in the blogosphere. It has been a busy and beautiful summer here in Greece, I hope you all had a great summertime. Autumn is here, and I've been working in my studio again. So here is the Fleeting Man!

He is selling goodies to the forest' s passengers. He is the Fleeting Man. Needle felted woodland's art doll, great for children's room decoration, soft toy, or fantasy loving adult's home decor.

One of a kind fiber art fantasy figure, for your collection of characters, elves, dwarfs, goblins and monsters.

Art toy to be used as a fairy tale character. Boost your kids' imagination with fiber art dolls, to accompany your story telling, and engage them into creative playing.

The fleeting man is 6cm x 7cm tall.

For more whimsical fairy art dolls, wearable, school accessories, and home decor, feel free to visit my shop

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  1. WOW! He's gorgeous! It's amazing how you did bring out all those details... he looks like he's alive! Great work!!! Polla filakia!!! :)