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The Forest Man: Fiber sculpted fairy art doll!

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Welcome to Green Dot's whimsical world! Here you can create your very own fairy tale, and indulge your home into twinkles of fairy woodlands!

This post is about the journey of the wise forest man. He is a needle felted fantasy art doll, in colours of purlle, peach, cream and forest green. For the final forest gnome figure, apart from wool and merino wool, there have been used, vintage antique cream- brown buttons,raffia, and a precious sea shell.

Let's start with a glimpse of the steps of his creation:

This is day one when basically facial features are worked, and contemplation on how the fairy creature shall come to life and take part in a great fairy tale!

In day two he took his sitting position. It was then that it was decided that he would interact with the forest's passengers. Should he help somehow? Inform them about something? Offer them something straight out of his world's whimsy? We will see this later. Up to then he definitely started taking position into the forest with his gnome hat ending in swirling needle felted branch.

At day for the fairy art figure has almost got his character. Arms being formed to their final position, he would be a carrier of a treaure! 

And there he is finished and happy! 

Now let's try to have an eye on his story. He knows many woodlands' fairy secrets. He has been travelling all over the enchanted realm of the gnomes and fairies. He carries a magic spell treasure, a magical hint to the unraveling of his well kept secret world. He will help the passengers going through the mystical forest by offering a spellbound miniature toadstool mushroom, that he has brought from his adventure at the seashore into a fairy shell. The forest man has beautiful contrasting long black hair, his hat is ending with a leaf branch, where a miniature needle felted leaf is also embellishing his right shoulder. Feel free to accept his offerings and his company around your house. He is sure to enchant any corner that will be given to him! This item is not suitable for children under 7 years old! For older kids though it is a perfect addition to imaginary playing! The forest man art doll is also a beautiful way to decorate a kid's room, and boost his imagination with whimsical surroundings!

The needle felted fiber sculpture is a perfect gift for fairy tale lovers of all ages, for people that are font of woodlands' adventures, on its own or as a part of a whole great story that you can create as you imagine, combining other Green Dot's Studio fairy figures, scenery or accessories.

His measurements are:
3.14 inches wide
4.72 inches tall

The miniature toadstool mushroom that he carries in the beautiful sea shell measures:
0.19 inches wide
0.5 inches tall

The red needle felted set of toadstool mushrooms, do not come with the forest man figure! It is a fairy art mushroom set that is embelished with a fresh water pearl and you can find it among other whimsical scenery items here:

Are you in a dreaming mood? Looking for some magic into your every day life? Do you love fairies, faiy tales and woodlans? Are you a fantasy fun? You are in the right place! 

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