Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Green Dot's parcel to New Jersey!

Hello friends! 

If you have already been a customer of Green Dot's Studio then you already now that packaging is a big deal in every single order, no matter what the price of what you are buying is.

It is very important for me that you are really happy with what you receive. And who doesn't get excited when a nice gift gets in hand! 

For this reason, I've long decided that whatever you buy from my Studio, comes to you gift wrapped with lots of love and care and detail, for free. No extra charges for this! You can take it as a personal thank you for appreciating my work. What is more, if you are choosing to make an OOAK gift to a beloved one, bought from my shop, you can deliver it all beautifully wrapped right away! 

Every single packaging is unique and different, inspired by the bought item, the season, a wish of yours! 

You also get free shipping for every other you buy in a single order, that is super money saver for you! Extra charges go on me! 

I hope you enjoy, as I only want the best for my customers! 

Below you can have a glimpse on a bunch of candle holders I' ve been making for my wedding day in the 3d of May! 

Till the next time, wish you all the best!!

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